Self Discipline Personal Growth

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self discipline personal growth

Let’s face it – there’s nothing new about self discipline personal growth.  Self discipline is an ugly truth that most of us already know.  And personal growth – like any sort of growth – there is a measure of pain involved and it’s easy to become scared of pain and retreat from an opportunity for growth.

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Self discipline is also known as self regulation in positive psychology and it’s long been known that using it encourages it to grow – much like a muscle.  When you exercise your self discipline – for example waking up early in the morning and going for a run – you actually change your brain development and make it easier for you to do it again the next time.  It’s an incremental growth – for sure, but there is movement with self discipline personal growth nonetheless.  Incremental change is better than ambitious failure – as success builds on success and your self confidence and momentum grows.

Cultivating this self discipline regularly leads to personal growth into the new area of expertise – so you actually become more competent at what you have been focusing on.  It’s a really powerful way to cross pollinate discipline with a regular schedule so you get the benefits of a routine with the benefits of self discipline t the same time.

self discipline personal growth

how to be disciplined in life

Related to this is the idea of the growth and fixed mindset – seeing gifted and talented people as in possession of some natural flair that somehow makes it easier for them to do a set task.  People who lack self discipline often attribute others success to a gift or innate skill – when all along it has been their commitment and courage to keep training and sustain their practice longer than any other that makes them a champion.

Those first few times doing any new activity are equally challenging for all of us.  It’s very rare for someone to walk up and have a natural ability untutored and unassisted immediately.  But the difference between those who make a go of it and those who retreat and stay at novice level is the level of commitment.

How many times can you recall in your life when you faced a challenge and, disheartened, you never quite went back to master the skill.  I see it often in my own yoga practice – beginner yogis come and go regularly and the number who stay on to become regulars at the studio is around 20% or even less.

self discipline personal growth

self discipline tips for students

one of the less well known facets of self discipline is that it is not and endless bounty to draw upon.  Each day we have a finite amount of self discipline personal growth, and each time we test it, or use it, we retire some of that willpower.  It means that as the day progresses you are coming closer and closer to running out of self discipline fuel.

Be masterful with your apportioning of willpower and self discipline each day and don’t waste it with frivolous restraint like saying no to chocolates sitting on your kitchen bench for example. Self discipline personal growth. Put the chocolates away!

Helpful tip – install a daily routine to bring a systemic approach to your willpower preservation.  After all, what we are focusing on is the whole idea of willpower preservation – we want the least distractions, less things pulling us away from our goal – a more simplified, monastic lifestyle where the internal self conflict is minimized to the point that doing the right thing – everyday, every hour – is effortless and in a flow state of doing.  this way, you just do the work each day and elf discipline and personal growth comes naturally – there is an organic flow to it.  You aren’t resisting temptation every minute to do a thing you don’t prefer – because there is nothing else but the task at hand.

self discipline personal growth

Imagine turning around your whole approach to the things you desire for yourself so that you actually can’t wait to do them and you actually want to lessen distractiosn and resistance?  That is the ideal inner world we are talking about when we use the words cultivating discipline.  It’s a whole lifestyle of just doing the good stuff and being abel to olet go without suffering or resistance of the bad things.

Do what is important – not easy.  Do what will matter in 10 years – not what gives you short term relief.  You have it in you.  Its’ self discipline personal growth.