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Yoga Download Promo CodeWing Chun Bing Fa Kung Fu Wellness Coaching is an Australian Life Coach and Personal Positive Psychology specialist agency working around the Melbourne, Victoria area.

We offer complete life coaching delivery for corporate health solutions, based on a heart centered approach.  A heart centered approach uses fundamental tools and strategies from Yoga, Buddhism and Positive Psychology to deliver a holistic world view.

A wellness coach is a person trained to help a person re-connect to their spiritual, physical and mental health. The wellness coach can assist in reducing high risk behaviors and health risk factors such as smoking, poor illness self-management, inadequate nutrition, and infrequent exercise.

From a positive psychology aspect wellness coach helps clients re-frame their existing limiting beliefs into more open and workable thoughts so that growth and development is possible.

Wellness and coaching principles assist the service recipient in making behavioral changes leading to positive lifestyle improvement. A wellness coach is someone who can help a peer set and achieve a wellness or health goal by offering support and encouragement and asking questions to see what would be most helpful.

Wellness Coaching

Coaching is a positive supportive relationship between the coach and the person who wants to make the change. This positive supportive connection empowers the person seeking change to draw upon his or her own abilities and potentials, so as to achieve lasting lifestyle changes.

Coaching is not counseling or therapy. A coach is not acting as a therapist, counselor, or mentor. Coaching does not require an exploration of past experiences or a need to gain insight into the problem or challenge. This is an important difference – we don’t need to go sifting through your deep dark past for a missing key to your happiness.  A coach does not provide a prescription, wisdom, or advice, but rather helps a person seeking coaching to define what is important and set a plan to accomplish a personally valued goal.

Using these tools, you can find greater self awareness and identify with your life purpose.  Then, working in union with your personal strengths, making progress toward a meaningful and satisfying life is more certain.

A integral part of the whole wellness coaching experience is meditation, mindfulness and personal responsibility.

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