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Kung Fu practitioners draw on the Taoist Chi Kung (also written “Qigong”) breathing principles and techniques.

The Qigong breathing technique used to bring presence and power to the Kung Fu methods and movements.  It is distinct from the methods of yoga and pranayama.

The Taoist approach to breath is very different: there is no counting or setting a certain rhythm to the breath.  The Taoist approach is to cultivate the natural abilities of the intelligence of the body and of the “spirit of the lungs.” This hails back to the fundamental term “chi” (or qi) which means “subtle breath”.

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Chi Kung Fundamentals teach how the “five animals use the six healing sounds.” That’s one form of breathing. This form of breathing with sounds specifically targets the 6 major organs with air and vibrations. This method of chi breathing focuses on the out-breath, which is releasing and for cleansing, and letting go. Taoist chi kung often uses various movement techniques to activate natural whole body breathing.

When we do something with movement, our body remembers it. It learns it much more deeply.  Since we are moving all the time, our whole body is always pulsing and moving, the whole body is breathing as one. This unity of body is the prerequisite for the unity of Mind and Spirit.  Shaolin developed the Iron Wire Form for just this purpose; to unify Movement and Breathing, thus to unify the major organs from which will flow the unification of the whole body opening the way for true and deep meditation.